New gardening project to encourage students to take break away from screens

Horringer Court Middle school are encouraging students to take break away from screens with new gardening project

Pupils at Horringer Court Middle School will soon be able to enjoy a break from screens with a new gardening project. - Credit: Gooderham PR

Pupils at Horringer Court Middle School, in Bury St Edmunds, are being encouraged to spend time away from their screens. 

Hundreds of pupils at the Suffolk school will begin enjoying the great outdoors thanks to a new post-lockdown gardening project. 

Plans put forward by IT teacher James Holmes to create a school-wide gardening project in the school grounds have been unveiled.  

Mr Holmes, despite his role at the school, wanted to do something to encourage pupils away from computer screens. 

He explained: “With an emphasis on remote learning over the last two months, it is understandable that pupils have spent more time working on screens. 

“I myself became a little demotivated during lockdown by being in front of a screen all the time so I imagine pupils might feel the same. 

Pupils at Horringer Court Middle School, Bury St Edmunds will be able to enjoy the new gardening project post-lockdown.

Pupils Culford Hammond (left), Liam Ticehurst (centre) and Francis Winsbury-Cutts (right) working in the schools gardens. - Credit: Gooderham PR

“I also love gardening and I thought a school-wide project would be a great way to focus on pupils’ wellbeing when they return to school.” 

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Mr Holmes has already renovated courtyard areas of the school for outdoor teaching, breakout spaces and areas for staff. 

After receiving generous donations from local businesses in the past, he is now appealing for any companies or keen gardeners to get involved. 

He explained: “The school has always been at the heart of its community and we would like to thank businesses who have already donated to the project. 

“We have been donated old tyres, bark and pallets and anything from old garden tools, seedlings and split plants would be really useful. 

“We have also worked closely with the Green Light Trust in Lawshall and they have given us some great ideas about how we can develop our outdoor space.” 

The school already has a six-tree orchard, vegetable plots and now plans to create a beehive.  

Pupils have also been taught about ‘field to fork’, which culminated in them enjoying food at lunchtime that they had grown in the school grounds. 

Steven Palmer, headteacher, said: “We are very fortunate to have such expansive grounds at Horringer Court and it lends itself to such a fantastic project. 

“Mr Holmes has already worked tirelessly to improve our outdoor space and we are very pleased to offer a gardening project to all pupils. 

“This will help pupils return back to the social side of the school while making a direct difference to the environment in which they learn in.” 

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