Permission for 75 homes granted after 20 years of waiting

The site of the proposed 75 home development in Rendlesham Picture: GOOGLE MAPS

The site where 75 homes will be built - Credit: GOOGLE MAPS

Controversial plans for 75 new homes at Rendlesham have finally been given the go-ahead more than two years after proposals were first submitted.

The site has been allocated for housing for more than 20 years - the oldest outstanding housing site in East Suffolk.

Capital Community Developments has now been issued consent to build the estate on land to the north-west of Garden Square and Gardenia Close.

The developers first put in plans for the site back in the summer of 2019 but the bid was turned down by East Suffolk Council. 

In December 2019, the developers appealed the decision but it was denied. An appeal to the Planning Inspectorate was also turned down in September 2020. 

Although a number of concerns were raised about the site, the Planning Inspectorate's main concern was that the house designs “bear no relation” to other homes built to the south of the site which would amount to an “abrupt” change in character.

In March last year the Capital Community Developments submitted fresh plans, saying it had done a great deal of work to look at the Planning Inspectorate's comments and to change the previously "rigid" design of the site. 

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Work has also been done to improve street frontages and amend the parking, driveways and gardens. 

East Suffolk Council says the design of the development now proposed is considered to be acceptable.

Another of the bones of contention had been that the site is allocated in the local plan for only 50 homes, part of the council's strategy for growth which seeks to include "appropriate growth" in rural areas that will help to support and sustain existing communities.

Rendlesham Parish Council asked for measures in the legal agreements to ensure some of he housing went to people with a strong connection to the parish and surrounding area.

Of the proposed properties, 25 would  be affordable - including 13 discounted market sales units and 12 affordable rent units.

The site would have 184 car parking spaces and would also include a public open space.