Instagram awash with sunny photos of Suffolk as temperatures continue to rise

Archant Suffolk photographer Sarah Lucy Brown shares an image of sunny Aldeburgh on her Instagram ac

Archant Suffolk photographer Sarah Lucy Brown shares an image of sunny Aldeburgh on her Instagram account - Credit: Archant

This week temperatures could rise to a sweltering 33C in East Anglia.

The fields of rural Suffolk will be basked in bright sunshine, crowds will flock to the Essex coast and ice cream vans will be a welcome sight around Ipswich.

The heatwave is already underway and Instagram users have been snapping away, capturing the glorious sunshine and sharing their photos online.

This collection of photos taken around the county capture the different moods created at different times of the day, and in different locations.

One artistc shot shows glimpses of sunlight beaming through the canopy of the trees in a wooded area.

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Seascapes give another perspective of the region, showcasing the clean and pleasant beaches that are enjoyed by thousands each summer.

Meanwhile, fellow Instagram snappers have shot some of Suffolk’s finest architecture, which looks especially stunning set against a bright, sunny backdrop.

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Other beautiful features of our rich county are the sprawling fields, peaceful lakes, dense forests and bustling towns, and sunny shots of all of these have been shared on the social network over recent days.

An image of seaide town Felixstowe has proven particularly popular with Instagram users, who have clicked the heart symbol to show they like the scene.

Today’s high is likely to be around 25C but tomorrow we could see the mercury rise to 29C.

The current forecast for Thursday is a slight break in the weather with some cloud and showers but by Friday temperatures will be climbing again beofre reaching 32C or higher on Saturday.

While most of us are enjoying the hot weather, there are those who will be suffering as a result and health care professionals are urging everyone to exercise caution - slip on a tee-short, slap on a hat and slop on the sun factor.

Regional training and community projects manager for East of England St John Ambulance, Gemma Martin, said: “We really advise people to be vigilant in looking out for not only members of their families but also the vulnerable in their communities.

“Be aware of those early signs of heat exhaustion and heatstroke, treat as effectively as you can by getting them into a cool, shaded area and start getting them rehydrated as quickly as you can.”

Media and marketing manager for Age UK Suffolk, Rosie Porter, said yesterday: “Our focus is on avoiding heat-related illnesses and recognising the signs of dehydration which is something friends and neighbours can help with. Don’t spend long periods outside in the sun and make sure to protect skin by wearing a hat and suncream.

“If you are travelling or going out try and take a bottle of water with you, it’s something people often forget.

“Eat a normal diet, it retains the salt lost through sweating. That’s key advice.

“Recognise the symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke, people need to look out for dizziness, nausea, vomiting or pale skin which can be signs.”

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