Investigation launched after firefighter reported to have wrapped two children in cling film at Essex station

Essex Fire and Rescue said it had been alerted to the incident. Picture: ANDREW PARTRIDGE

Essex Fire and Rescue said it had been alerted to the incident. Picture: ANDREW PARTRIDGE - Credit: Andrew Partridge

An investigation has been launched after a firefighter reportedly wrapped two children in cling film in Essex.

The incident happened at a fire station in Essex and involved the children of a crew member being wrapped in cling film by a colleague of their father as a joke, their mother said.

Their mother, who posted photos on Facebook, said the children enjoyed it but she accepted “we should not have played around like this at the fire station”.

The watch is currently on core duties only, meaning it cannot carry out community activities.

A spokesman for Essex County Fire and Rescue Service said: “The photos we have seen have raised concerns, we have liaised with the appropriate statutory agencies and a thorough investigation and process has now started.

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“We believe that no harm was caused to the children, and that the parents were present throughout the event.

“Our Fire and Rescue Service is trusted within the county and we’re proud of the work we do to protect and save lives in the communities we serve.

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“The firefighters involved are embarrassed and regretful of how this event has been interpreted.

“This is a standalone incident and not reflective of the professionalism and diligence our firefighters display.

“It does not give the right impression to our public and it is not who we are.”

The spokesman added that fire stations such as the one in Southend where the alleged incident happened are community properties and sometimes families of firefighters bring their children to the station at weekends.

“While we encourage this family spirit, our fire stations are still a workplace and we expect the behaviours on stations and across all our sites to reflect our service values and exemplify professionalism,” the spokesman said.

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