Little Lucas' mission to save the planet with a bug hotel and litter picking

A bee with a flower

Ipswich's Lucas Dine recently saved a bee by bringing it back to life with sugar water. - Credit: Kate Dine

An Ipswich five-year-old boy is on a mission to help animals and the environment, one bug at a time. 

After watching a nature documentary at his school, Sprites Primary Academy, Lucas Dine came home "sobbing" about the state of the environment.  

Lucas with his bug hotel

Lucas with his bug hotel - Credit: Kate Dine

His mum Kate Dine said the film, How does plastic end up in the ocean, made her five-year-old take action.

"He got very upset watching it," the 34-year-old said. "He was distressed about animals that are getting cut up by plastic and dying."

Two kids with litter pickers

Eddie and Lucas have been out litter picking in the Chantry area - Credit: Kate Dine

So he set about organising litter picking with a school friend, Eddie, who was similarly inspired. 

"I am proud of all of them," his mum, a teaching assistant at the Bridge School for special needs, said. "They are wonderful children. All the kids are superstars, not just him."

Two kids with piles of rubbish

Summer and Lucas have also been out litter picking in Ipswich - Credit: Kate Dine

Lucas was also joined by another friend, Summer, for socially distanced litter picks. 

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During one litter pick, Kate said, a kind member of the Chantry community gave the kids £1 to spend in a local shop for their hard work. 

bug hotel with home sweet home on the front

Lucas' bug hotel in Ipswich - Credit: Kate Dine

"The community is very nice," she added.