Ipswich: Drug-addled former worker tried to rob McDonald’s that had employed him

Former McDonald's worker in court

Former McDonald's worker in court - Credit: AP

A FORMER fast food worker is awaiting sentence today after trying to rob the McDonald’s that used to employ him.

Drug-addled Shane Gull, of Bull Road, Ipswich, lunged through the drive-in window, punching an assistant in a bid to grab cash he mistakenly believed was owed to him.

However, Gull had forgotten he had been paid in full when he left his job at McDonald’s in Bury Road, Ipswich, and given the money to others, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

Lindsay Cox, representing the 38-year-old, said: “In his own mind he was of the view that they owed him cash he was entitled to, and that was his justification.

“In January 2013 he had been using copious quantities of controlled drugs and that affected his mindset.”

Gull had pleaded guilty to attempted robbery and was due to be sentenced, but the case was adjourned for reports on him to be prepared.

The attempted cash snatch took place at lunchtime on January 19.

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Prosecutor Robert Sadd said Gull approached the drive-in window and said he was owed money.

Gull forced the window open and threw two punches at the assistant who moved out of the way. He put his upper body through the window and threw three more punches which connected with the worker’s cheek and chest. He also tried to grab the till.

Other members of staff restrained Gull by pinning down by his arms.

Mr Sadd said Gull was in some distress and asked to talk to the restaurant’s assistant manager.

By the time police arrived he was outside drinking a cup of coffee.

Gull worked for McDonald’s in 2004 and 2005, but he had been paid all the money due to him when he left.

Mr Sadd said Gull had given the money to others but at the time of the attempted robbery believed McDonald’s still owed him the cash.

Gull was remanded in custody until his sentencing on May 13.