Ipswich: Former ITFC star Len Fletcher tells of scooter crash pain misery

FORMER Ipswich Town hero Len Fletcher today told how his body has been wracked with pain for three years after he was crushed against a pillar by a mobility scooter.

The 83-year-old, of Ascot Drive, Walton, said he has been receiving treatment for the various injuries he sustained in September 2009.

However, Mr Fletcher, who led an active life before the accident, is still in constant agony and will now have to see a hospital specialist who can assess his injuries in their entirety.

He stressed he has no criticism of any of the doctors or consultants he has seen privately and on the NHS, but added they have treated different parts of his body in isolation.

He said: “The pain is still unbearable. I’m in pain every minute of every day. Why am I still in so much pain? There must be somebody, some specialist who knows how to treat people who have been crushed.”

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Mrs Fletcher said the continuous pain her husband is in has also led to him suffering from anxiety.

She added: “To me Len is a changed man, because of all the sleepless nights and the pain.”

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Mr Fletcher – who was a wing-half in the Town team which won the 3rd Division South Championship in 1953-54 – was injured after he went into Iceland in Felixstowe.

As he was approaching a till, a woman lost control of her mobility scooter which ended up pinning him against a pillar.

With the help of a female member of staff Mr Fletcher managed to get himself untangled, despite sustaining multiple injuries and believing he had temporarily been knocked unconscious.

He said during the accident a large piece of skin was removed from his right shin and he was left with several bruises to his left shin. He also sustained injuries to his abdomen, spine, neck, arms, wrist and shoulders.

Mr Fletcher, who played for Ipswich from 1947 to 1956, was taken to the Felixstowe Community Hospital by his wife Gill.

Over the past three years has had private treatment paid for by the woman’s insurance company and the Professional Footballers’ Association, as well at Ipswich Hospital on the NHS. Now Mr Fletcher is having to get his GP to write to the hospital in order to be able to see a senior consultant to look at his injuries in their entirety.

A spokeswoman for Ipswich Hospital said: “We understand Mr Fletcher’s concerns and one of our consultants in care of older people will see Mr Fletcher as soon as possible.”

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