Ipswich: Habitual burglar confesses to Suffolk New College raid

IPSWICH: An habitual thief is back behind bars today after speaking to a police officer in street and admitting he had committed burglary and broken into a car.

Patrick O’Hara was sentenced to two years and five months imprisonment when he appeared before Ipswich Crown Court.

He had previously pleaded guilty to burgling a house and Suffolk New College, as well as theft and attempted theft.

The 32-year-old, of no fixed address, was arrested at around 6pm on March 20 in St Peter’s Street, Ipswich. He told the officer that he broke into a vehicle in a car park on Ipswich docks a day or so earlier. O’Hara also admitted a burglary in the town centre.

During a police interview it transpired that between March 11 and 13, O’Hara had stolen jewellery, electrical items and other personal possessions during a break-in at a house in Belle Vue Road.

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O’Hara also admitted he had stolen a guitar from Suffolk New College between March 17 and 20.

In addition he mentioned he had stolen a satellite navigation system from a vehicle parked at the docks as well as committing an attempted break-in in College Street on March 19.

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As well as the jail term for burglary, O’Hara was also given a 12-month concurrent sentence for breaking into Suffolk New College.

He received two further 12-month sentences for theft and attempted theft to run concurrently with the two-year five-month jail term he received for the Belle Vue Road burglary.

O’Hara has previous convictions for theft, burglary and criminal damage.

A spokeswoman for Suffolk Constabulary confirmed O’Hara was arrested after making a confession to a police officer when the thief spoke to him in St Peter’s Street.

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