Ipswich/London: Teen drug mule sentenced to three years under lock and key

Drug dealer Louis Ademilola who has given a three-year detention order.

Drug dealer Louis Ademilola who has given a three-year detention order.

A teenage drug mule sent to Ipswich to deal cocaine and heroin has been sentenced to three years in a young offenders’ institution.

Louis Ademilola admitted two counts of possession of a class A drug with intent to supply when he appeared before Ipswich Crown Court.

The 18-year-old also pleaded guilty to two assaults by spitting in the face of police officers and damaging his cell by throwing food around after his arrest.

Ademilola – who had seven previous convictions – was arrested in Hervey Street, Ipswich, on April 4.

Alexander Thompson, mitigating, told the court his client had become addicted to Class A drugs after using cannabis. Ademilola had apparently moved quickly on from the Class B drug to harder substances.

Mr Thompson said the teenager got into debt to dealers, who then threatened him and sent him under duress to deal drugs in order to pay off the sum he owed them.

He added: “Mr Ademilola knows he faces a substantial time in custody and wants to better himself inside.

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“At the age of 18 he hasn’t got much to look forward to.”

The court heard Ademilola, of Blowfield Street, Dartford, couriered the drugs to Ipswich out of fear for what would happen if he refused. Sentencing him, Judge John Holt said: “The drugs were 44 wraps of heroin and cocaine and then 7.2 grams of cocaine waiting to be split up into wraps.

“The street value was £2,000-odd. You have come out from London to deal on the streets and clearly it was a significant role in the drug chain.

“Your behaviour after arrest was disgraceful, but I have been told you did apologise and I should take that into account.

“You have seven convictions for 18 offences and I note that hitherto rehabilitation orders have been made with no success.”

The court heard a pre-sentence report stated Ademilola was at a high-risk of re-offending.

Judge Holt added: “You may be at the beginning of thinking life has got more to it than crime and drugs, but nevertheless it is quite clear that you must go to prison for a substantial time.”

In addition to his three-year sentence, Ademilola must pay £100 to the victims’ fund.

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