Ipswich: Man, 33, says: “I must get rid of my bigamist wife”

Ipswich: For seven fruitless years Paul Rigby – the only legal husband of five-times ‘married’ Ipswich bigamist Emily Horne – has tried to track her down.

Today Mr Rigby said he is desperate to find the 32-year-old former glamour model so he can finally free himself from the shackles of their marriage.

Mr Rigby, 33, said: “ I’ve been trying from about 2004 to get rid of her, but I’ve been struggling to track her down.

“I try this every couple of years. I have had six or seven searches done for her and come up with nothing.

“I am just trying to get rid of her.

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“I would very much like to cut my ties with her. Getting rid of her will be like getting rid of a millstone from round my neck.

“I probably call her every name under the sun, but as long as she gives me a divorce I’ll wish her all the best because she’s going to damn well need it. I just want to make it final.

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“Every time I try to start a new relationship with a woman and marriage comes up I say I can’t, and the relationship breaks down because of it.

“Women have been patient up to a point, but they don’t want to hang around and I don’t blame them. They want to get married. They want to have kids. But I’m tied up with this woman.”

Ms Horne, who was known as Amileannya Carmichael when she lived in Ipswich, was last in court for bigamy in Manchester in 2009. She was given a suspended sentence despite admitting her fourth bogus marriage.

In 2004 while living with a new boyfriend in Hervey Street, Ipswich, Horne was sent to jail for six months after admitting bigamy by ‘marrying’ her fourth ‘husband’, James Matthews, 34, of Ipswich.

Horne’s ‘marital’ spree began in December 1996 when she married Mr Rigby, a soldier, in York.

After walking out on him she ‘wed’ Sean Cunningham, 33, at Leeds Register Office in 1999, while using the name Emily Lecont.

Horne ‘married’ Chris Barrett, 21, at the same register office in December 2000.

She was cautioned for two offences in bigamy in August 2001, but then ‘wed’ Mr Matthews, 34, in an Ipswich church after meeting him on a train.

Her fifth ‘husband’ was Ashley Baker, 25, of Rochdale, whom she met while working in a massage parlour.

After they set off for a honeymoon in Scotland, Horne confessed to her past.

Mr Boyle said if anyone knows Horne’s whereabouts they should telephone his solicitors Mcqueenie Boyle in County Down, Ireland, on 02891 470030

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