Ipswich: Man speaks of shock after pensioner on mobility scooter knocks him into the River Orwell

Spot along the River Orwell where Richard Mudie was knocked off his bike and in to the water.

Spot along the River Orwell where Richard Mudie was knocked off his bike and in to the water. - Credit: Matt Stott

A man who was knocked into the River Orwell by a pensioner riding a mobility scooter today told of his shock at the incident.

Richard Mudie was cycling along the footpath close to the graffiti wall near the Princes Street bridge on Monday, June 3 when the accident happened.

The 29-year-old said he spotted an elderly woman on her red mobility scooter coming along the path and tried to get out of her way before stumbling.

He plunged into the cold waters while trying to steady himself as the woman passed.

Mr Mudie, of Beaconsfield Road, Ipswich, said he would like to see the council put up barriers to make the stretch of river safer. He said two of his friends had lost their lives after falling in nearby.

“I slid right in,” the BMW valeter told The Star.

“My £500 phone was destroyed and all my clothes were ruined. I swallowed sea water, it was horrible.

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“That part of the footpath is really narrow because the wall is unstable and so some railway sleepers have been used to prop it up. I really think there should be barriers along that stretch of river.

“Two people I know have died near there. It is dangerous.”

Despite suffering a cut on his back and pain to his side, Mr Mudie said he doesn’t harbour any ill feeling towards the woman.

“She was in her own little world,” he added. “She probably couldn’t hear me, I don’t think it was intentional – she didn’t realise what she had done.”

Struggling to get out of the water, Mr Mudie said after what felt “like ages but was only five minutes” a kind passer-by came to his aid and helped to fish him out.

“I was really scrambling about, it was so difficult to get out,” he said. “I don’t know what would’ve happened if someone hadn’t come along, I would like to thank him for his help.”

Suffolk Police are appealing for anyone who witnessed Mr Mudie’s ordeal to come forward. The driver of the scooter, who failed to stop, is described as a woman, aged 70 to 80, with mousey-coloured hair.

Call Pc David Wright from Ipswich on 101 if you have any information.