Ipswich nominations

Ipswich Nominations:Alexandra: John Cook (Lab), Louise Gooch (LD), Keith Matthews (Con).Bixley: Paul Carter (Con), Martyn Green (Lab), Christine Pinder (CPA), John Rivett (LD).

Ipswich Nominations:

Alexandra: John Cook (Lab), Louise Gooch (LD), Keith Matthews (Con).

Bixley: Paul Carter (Con), Martyn Green (Lab), Christine Pinder (CPA), John Rivett (LD).

Bridge: Steve Flood (Con), Nicholas Jacob (LD), *Harold Mangar (Lab)

You may also want to watch:

Castle Hill: *Dale Jackson (Con), Peter Shaw (Lab), Charles Tracy (LD)

Gainsborough: Jonathan Barnes (CPA), Paul Billingham (OMRLP), Robert Chambers (LD), *John Mowles (Lab), Janet Sibley (Con)

Most Read

Gipping: Nadia Cenci (Con), *David Ellesmere (Lab), Bob Zablok (LD)

Holywells: *David Hale (Con), Susan Maguire (Lab), Robin Whitmore (LD)

Priory Heath: Jill Atkins (LD), *William Quinton (Lab), Duncan Titchmarsh (Con)

Rushmere (2 vacancies): Gillian Auton (LD), Stephen Bloomfield (CPA), *Keith Herod (Lab), Stephen Ion (Con), Alasdair Ross (Lab), Judy Terry (Con), Kenneth Toye (LD)

Sprites: Simon Cooper (LD), Robert Hall (Con), Richard Kirby (Lab)

St John's: John Carnall (Con), *Elizabeth Cooper (Lab), Cathy French (LD)

St Margaret's: *Richard Atkins (LD), David Brown (Con), Jane Shaw (Lab)

Stoke Park: Adrian Brown (LD), *Barry Studd (Lab), Paul West (Con)

Westgate: Catherine Chambers (LD), Carole Jones (Lab), Julia Schubert (Con), Sally Wainman (Ind)

Whitehouse: Anthony James (LD), William Knowles (Lab), Colin Morgan (Con)

Whitton: Joan Goodall (LD), John Harris (Lab), Donald Ward (Con)

Key: Conservative (Con), Labour (Lab), Liberal Democrat (LD), Independent (Ind), Christian Peoples' Alliance (CPA), Offical Monster Raving Loony Party (OMRLP).

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