Revealed: What people in Ipswich Googled most in 2020

The issue of Orwell Bridge closures in high winds was raised by MP Tom Hunt in Parliament. Picture:

The issue of Orwell Bridge closures in high winds was raised by MP Tom Hunt in Parliament. Picture: CHARLOTTE BOND - Credit: Charlotte Bond

From coronavirus to the Orwell Bridge and Zoom - what did people in Ipswich Google the most in 2020?

Most people hadn't heard of Zoom until the pandemic began, but now the video conferencing site has appeared in the most trending searches in Ipswich, alongside the Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the town's infamous Orwell Bridge. 

The latest search trends show the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on so many aspects of life over the last year, with five of the top 10 terms relating to the virus. 

Here are the 10 most searched for terms on Google in Ipswich in 2020 - meaning they have seen the biggest increase compared to 2019.

1. Coronavirus

It is no surprise that coronavirus takes the top spot as the most trending term searched on Google in Ipswich last year. 

The pandemic was sadly been the talking point of the year, with the first national lockdown introduced in March and life not returning to normal since. 

Face coverings will soon be mandatory in shops from Friday Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN

Coronavirus was the top trending Google search in Ipswich in 2020. - Credit: Archant

2. Caroline Flack

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The second most searched for term was the Norfolk-born TV presenter, Caroline Flack, who tragically died at her London flat on February 15.  

Tributes poured in following the devastating news of the 40-year-old's death, with Miss Flack's family releasing a powerful message the presenter wrote days before she died.

Caroline Flack

Norfolk TV presenter Caroline Flack died in February. - Credit: Nathan Pask

3. Orwell Bridge

The bridge was forced to close on numerous occasions across 2020 due to high winds - but unlike in previous years it had little impact due to reduced traffic levels because of lockdown.

Highways chiefs have since pledged that reduced speed limits during high winds, of 40mph, will be in place by next winter. 

The issue of Orwell Bridge closures in high winds was raised by MP Tom Hunt in Parliament. Picture: CHARLOTTE BOND

The Orwell Bridge was among the most searched for terms in Ipswich on Google in 2020. - Credit: Charlotte Bond

4. Coronavirus symptoms

Again, it is no surprise that Covid symptoms were ranked in the top trending Ipswich searches. 

The main symptoms (if you didn't know already), are a high temperature, a new continuous cough and a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste. 

5. Coronavirus update

There have been so many rule changes, tiers and lockdowns, it can be hard to keep up. 

Orthopaedic practitioner Jamie Roberts was the first person to receive the vaccine at Ipswich Hospital

People have been searching Google for 'coronavirus tips' in 2020. - Credit: ESNEFT

6. Coronavirus tips

People understandably want to avoid getting the virus, and they have been Googling ways to keep it at bay. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces the second lockdown during a media briefing on Saturday Pict

Boris Johnson has delivered a number of press conferences about Covid-19. - Credit: PA

7. Boris Johnson

The Prime Minister has appeared on our TV screens more than ever before in 2020. 

8. FTSE 100

The FTSE 100 index of top shares listed in London fell by 14.3% during 2020, the worst performance among the largest international stock indices, and its biggest decline since 2008.

9. Zoom

The number of people using Zoom has soared during lockdown, with friends and family getting together virtually to enjoy quiz nights and birthday celebrations from the safety of their own homes.  

Woman on video call with her friends on a tablet, while holding a beer

If you didn't know about Zoom before coronavirus, you certainly do now. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

10. Tier 4 rules

And finally, people of Ipswich found themselves searching for what they can and can't do in Tier 4 when it was introduced in Suffolk on Boxing Day. 

But none of that matters now the country has been plunged into a national lockdown. 

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