Ipswich woman involved in free-for-all with neighbour ends up in court

South East Suffolk Magistrates' Court

South East Suffolk Magistrates' Court - Credit: Sarah Lucy brown

An Ipswich woman involved in a ‘free-for-all’ in which a clump of her neighbour’s hair was pulled out and plant pots were thrown has been given a community order.

Kerry Wilson, 40, of Derby Close, pleaded guilty when she appeared before South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court to assaulting Karen Harrison on September 8.

Prosecutor Nikki Miller told the court Miss Harrison had been in her flat’s living room at 9.50pm when she heard an argument between the defendant and a man.

After around 10 minutes Miss Harrison went out into the communal area was said to have shouted upstairs for the pair to shut up.

Mrs Miller said the response was “no, come up and make me”.

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The court was told Miss Harrison replied: “No, you come down here”.

When she went to go back inside her property Wilson was said to have grabbed the top of her hair with force as Miss Harrison was near her front door.

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Wilson swore at her and Miss Harrison ended up on her back on the floor, and was punched in the face.

The court heard after Miss Harrison was able to get up Wilson threw plant pots at her but did not make contact.

Mrs Miller said once Miss Harrison was back inside her flat she found she had a clump of her hair in her hand.

District Judge Celia Dawson was told a witness with a baby had seen the incident and had shouted to Wilson to stop. The witness’ boyfriend intervened to stop the assault.

In her police interview Wilson had said she had become angry and went to confront the victim. She claimed to have been attacked first.

Mark Holt, representing Wilson who is expecting a baby in May, said: “She does still maintain it was the victim who initially beckoned her downstairs. She does maintain the victim grabbed her hair and the situation deteriorated thereafter.

“Whoever started it thereafter it was a free-for-all.

“Ipswich Borough Council is now involved because there is an issue between two tenants in the same property.”

District Judge Dawson gave Wilson a six-month community order. She was also told she must pay £85 costs, a criminal courts charge of £150 and £60 to the victims’ fund.

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