Ipswich/Woolwich: Religious leader condemns brutal murder of Drummer Lee Rigby

Manwar Ali, chief executive of Jimas

Manwar Ali, chief executive of Jimas - Credit: Archant

The chief executive of an Islamic community group has condemned the brutal killing of Drummer Lee Rigby in London in a terrorist attack.

Manwar Ali, from Ipswich-based charity Jimas, said that the “barbaric murder” outside Woolwich Barracks on Wednesday was “an attack on everyone in the UK”.

“Condemnation is not going to be enough in this instance,” he added. “First and foremost we must think of the victim’s family and friends and we express our condolences to them.

“We don’t understand how this can be justified in the name of Islam and Muslim but I do understand why people are blaming Muslims and holding Islam responsible because many of these crimes are committed in the name of Islam.

“We disown these people and this shows enough is enough. “Myself and others should work very hard now to address these problems in our communities.

“People who do this are enemies and they should be exposed for who they are.” Mr Ali, who is concerned at potential repercussion, said the community needs to be educated to prevent incidents like this from recurring.

“I’m worried for my family in Ipswich and I don’t want them out unecessarily but life has to carry on,” he added.

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“The murder was cold-blooded, totally wrong and evil.

“We have this growing, seething anger, understandably to a degree, against Muslim people but it needs to stop.

“We hope the police will do a good job and catch all of those associated with these cowards.”