Ivy's amazing 'Mount Everest' stair climb to mark 100th birthday

Ivy Richmond completed an amazing 10,000 metres of stair climbing ahead of her 100th birthday

Ivy Richmond completed an amazing 10,000 metres of stair climbing ahead of her 100th birthday - Credit: Amanda Richmond

Amazing Ivy Richmond has completed a huge feat to mark her 100th birthday - climbing the equivalent of Mount Everest.

Ivy, who lives at Holm Court in Kesgrave, has kept very fit over the past year, and nieces Amanda Richmond and Sarah Norman are planning some special surprise celebrations for her birthday on October 23.

Ever since the day before her 99th birthday, she has climbed nine flights of 18 stairs daily.

Now she has achieved her aim by climbing the equivalent of 10,000 metres, well over Everest's 8,850m, while raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

Ivy Richmond, who turns 100 on October 23

Ivy Richmond, who turns 100 on October 23 - Credit: Amanda Richmond

The challenge was in memory of Ivy's  niece Margaret "Miggie" Richmond, who sadly passed away aged 30, after spending much of her childhood at the hospital. 

Ivy said she was inspired by the late Captain Tom, who walked 100 lengths of his garden in aid of NHS charities.

"It was an amazing thing and I thought, I'd like to do something like that.

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"My niece was in Great Ormond Street Hospital and they looked after her so well, and I thought it would be so nice to do something in my 100th year. So I decided I would climb Everest."

Ivy had a special wallchart to mark her progress as she clocked up the distances.

During lockdown, she was still able to continue with her daily walk because the back stairs were close to her room and she could use them without getting close to other residents.

A wall chart showing Ivy Richmond's stair climbs

A wall chart showing Ivy Richmond's stair climbs - Credit: Amanda Richmond

Amanda, who climbed Everest for real herself in 2009, said: "Ivy is very fit both mentally and physically, and she's doing really well.

"I'm sure that all the climbing is part of what has kept her fit."

Amanda paid tribute to manager Jane Sewell and the staff at Holm Court for their support for her aunt, saying: "They have been incredible." 

Ivy was born in London and lived in Epsom in Surrey for many years, working from the age of 15 to 65.

She went to Pitmans Secretarial College, where she  studied shorthand and typing, and then worked in a typing pool.

She then became a personal assistant, and will be visiting her old boss, Peter Williams, in Truro during a six-day road trip with Amanda after her birthday.

Five years ago, Ivy was unwell and moved to Suffolk to be near her nieces. After she recovered, she moved to Holm Court.

To sponsor Ivy, visit her fundraising page on JustGiving.