Ixworth/Bury St Edmunds: Grieving family speak of relief police take no further action against son

Aaron Clements, brother to Macauley Clements who died in a car accident, is to face no further polic

Aaron Clements, brother to Macauley Clements who died in a car accident, is to face no further police action. Aaron is pictured in Ixworth. Back L-R: Abbie White, Gordon Ryder, Anton Clements, front L-R: Jordan Clements, Aaron Clements and Maxine Clements. - Credit: Archant

Losing a young son in a tragic car accident is every mother’s worst nightmare come true.

Macauley and his granddad Gordon Ryder on the family holiday in Turkey last year.

Macauley and his granddad Gordon Ryder on the family holiday in Turkey last year. - Credit: Contributed

But to then find out your eldest son has been arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving after the crash is a cruel twist for any parent.

Aaron Clements, 20, was arrested following an accident on the A14 at Bury St Edmunds on January 24.

His brother Macauley, 16, who was set for a career in the Army, was a passenger in a BMW - driven by his friend, 19-year-old Adam Weller, from Weeting, near Brandon - which hit a tree.

Adam died at the scene of the crash and Macauley died in hospital the following day.

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Rumours were that Aaron, who was driving a Ford Fiesta, had been racing the BMW.

The family are today publicly quashing any rumours now the police have confirmed they are taking no further action against Aaron.

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Maxine Clements, 46, who feared she would lose two sons because of the tragic accident, spoke of the “huge relief” for the family on receiving the news on Saturday.

She said: “It just took such a weight off our minds. It was unbelievable. All of us - my dad was down here at the time - hugged in the kitchen. It was just amazing. We all knew Aaron wasn’t involved.”

Mrs Clements, who also has a son called Jordan, 19, described the past six months as a “horrendous” ordeal for the close-knit family, of Carpenter Close, Ixworth.

“We have been worried about Aaron obviously, his state of mind,” she said. “You do worry. You do hear of these young lads that go and do silly things when they have got this hanging over their heads. You just don’t know, do you?

“Luckily he moved back home so we can keep a better eye on him, but you cannot be with him all the time.

“He’s just a changed person now since the news on Saturday. He’s been getting his life back together and he just seems so much happier than he has been.”

She added: “Now that’s something we can lay to rest as such and start rebuilding our lives really. We are just waiting for the inquest.”

Aaron, who works at Marshall Ford in Moreton Hall, said: “With all that hanging over me I didn’t really want to do anything. They extended the bail so many times.

“When I got the phone call on Saturday it was obviously quite a relief to hear that.”

Aaron said following the crash him and his girlfriend split up, he got depressed and nearly lost his job.

He said the rumours really started to get to him towards the end, adding he just stopped going out.

“Now I haven’t got that hanging over my head I feel I can really grieve properly,” he said. “It wasn’t my fault, but it still felt like it was, if you see what I mean.”

He added: “It’s starting to seem a lot easier to bring myself back up to doing the things I did before.”

Aaron, who tried to free Macauley from the crash vehicle with the help of his father Anton, 44, said he wanted to thank those who had stuck by him for all their support.

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