Jubilee: Colchester MP Sir Bob Russell hits out at ‘inexcusable’ upside-down flag error

A UNION flag raised to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee - but allegedly flying upside down - has sparked a political row in Colchester.

Colchester MP Sir Bob Russell yesterday released images of the flag flying above Colchester Conservative Club (CCC) after it was spotted by a constituent.

The Lib Dem used the error to attack Colchester Tories saying it was an “inexcusable”.

But a senior Tory hit back saying Sir Bob should focus on celebrating the Jubilee rather than “petty squabbles”.

The union flag is said to be flying correctly when the broader diagonal white stripe is at the top, on the left nearest the flagpole.

He said: “Frankly, it is inexcusable for the local Conservatives to fly our national flag upside down.”

Terry Sutton, chairman of Harwich and North Essex Conservative Association, said: “Mistakes can be made at any time but let’s celebrate the jubilee without petty squabbles.”

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He added it was CCC, rather than the association, who were responsible for the error.