Breathtaking view of Suffolk coast shown in rare aerial photo

Karl Thackeray's amazing aerial photo, taken during a skydive, shows the Suffolk coast from above. P

Karl Thackeray's amazing aerial photo, taken during a skydive, shows the Suffolk coast from above. Picture: KARL THACKERAY/UK PARACHUTING BECCLES - Credit: Archant

This stunning picture gives a jaw-dropping view of one of the most beautiful parts of the country – from thousands of feet in the air.

A perspective on Suffolk seldom seen by the majority of the population, the breathtaking image was taken by Karl Thackeray as part of his work capturing pictures of people making daring skydives at Ellough Airfield, near Beccles.

Mr Thackeray, who works for UK Parachuting Beccles, goes up in a plane with those completing skydives so he can capture video and photos of their big moment, so they have a memento of their jump.

But when taking pictures at the skydive of Woodbridge crash survivor Georgia Wood in July, he took another photo showing Suffolk from 13,000ft in air.

He said he is "incredibly lucky" to spend his day overlooking the Suffolk coast as part of his part-time job at UK Parachuting Beccles, adding: "To say that I get to witness this incredible view on so many occasions just makes me smile.

"I was very privileged to be brought into this world in Suffolk - and now I am lucky enough to have a job hovering over the top of it.

"I'm sure people would give their arm to be in a position I am in today."

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Mr Thackeray also thanked UK Parachuting Beccles for giving him the opportunity to see Suffolk from the air.

Being a bright and sunny day, it is possible to see miles of the rural county in all its glory.

While dominated by farmland and fields, it is possible to make out the A146 as it runs past Barnby and North Cove.

Further in the distance you can see Lake Lothing and the huge settlements of Carlton Colville, Oulton Broad, Pakefield and Lowestoft surrounding it, with the coast at the top of the picture.

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