Killer's house will be open to rent

IPSWICH'S most notorious home could soon be up for rent, it can be revealed today.

Rebecca Lefort

IPSWICH'S most notorious home could soon be up for rent, it can be revealed today.

Decorators are currently working on 79 London Road where Steve Wright lived when he murdered five sex workers in the town in 2006.

For the first time since the arrest of the 50-year-old serial killer, lights are today on behind the green door.

Wright was found guilty of the murders in February last year and was told he would spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Since his arrest the semi detached two bedroom house has been boarded up, but now its landlord is hoping to rent out the home again and has started a renovation project.

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Today a decorator said work had begun about three weeks ago and although major decoration and refurbishment was planned nothing was to be ripped out or destroyed.

Meanwhile neighbours welcomed the move and said they would be happy once the home was finally occupied again.

Elaine Angus said: “I'm very pleased because it was boarded up and not doing anything. If you put the curtains up it looks like life is in it again.

“The street hasn't moved on yet. We all still think about what happened. I don't think people will ever forget, but we don't talk about it as often.

“I'm not sure if people will want to move in. I suppose if people are desperate for a home and a house they will move in, but maybe there will have to be a reduced rent.”

And Gordon Lawrence said: “We are pleased. The house was the only thing that is left as a reminder now.

“When that has gone we'll all be very happy.

“We have moved on as a street and we're not bothered about it any more, but other people all go on about it.”