Knickers to that

According to a new national survey, British women own three times as many pairs of knickers in 2012 as they did at the turn of the century.

Some 56% of British women admit they now own two collections of knickers – one made up of fancy lingerie for special occasions and another for everyday comfort.

Laundry people Beckmann reckon that at one time the average British woman will own 34 pairs of knickers – 14 for best and 20 everyday pairs.

That is almost three times the number (12 pairs) that they owned in 1999, according to 45% of the 2,000 women who responded to the nationwide poll.

Once again, I fall short. I don’t have any for best unless you count the uncomfortable ones (thongs) I never wear – not even by special request, submitted in writing. And then, why would anyone need 34 pairs of knickers?

Unless, and I’m guessing, they don’t throw away the old faded ones with the flabby elastic and floppy gussets.

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