New Year, New Hobbies for all as new courses start across Suffolk

Leisure learning courses at Suffolk New College and other venues offer opportunities to enjoy new ho

Leisure learning courses at Suffolk New College and other venues offer opportunities to enjoy new hobbies and pick up new skills and creative ideas Picture: SIMON PARKER - Credit: Archant

The start of a new year is the perfect time to explore new ideas, set new goals and perhaps try your hand at a new hobby or learn a new skill.

Here is a selection of leisure learning courses:

Course: Drawing in Publishing

Where: Suffolk New College, Rope Walk, Ipswich,

When: Monday February 24 for six weeks

Cost: £85

In this course, we will be looking at 20-21st century history of drawing in newspapers and periodicals with practical exercises to stretch the imagination in visual language.

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In each weekly session we shall look at group of artists who work in a related area. We shall try to get to grips with their work through emulating their ideas and style of drawing.

During the course you will create a sketchbook full of imagination, wit and wonder.

We shall also make an instagram site to show off the fruits of our studies.

You will need a sketchbook - preferably spiral bound and square, min 160 gsm paper weight (Seawhite 195x195mm from Cass Art is good) and colour (watercolour or watercolour ink plus sable hair brushes or quality felt pen).

Colour is not essential but a 2b pencil certainly is, plus sharpener and rubber.

You will be provided with dip pens and Indian ink unless you insist on bringing something more modern.

The areas we shall cover are: Caricature, Political cartoons, Cartoon strips, Gag cartoons.

Later courses may deal with the graphic novel, Disney and the rest...

Book online:

Course: Life Drawing

Where: Ipswich Institute, Tavern Street, Ipswich, IP1 3AA

When: January 13 to March 23, 6.30-8.30pm

Cost: £114, £85 (members) £93 (concessions)

This course is suitable for newcomers and more experienced artists. It aims to introduce drawing from the model as a path to developing both fundamental drawing skills and exploring self-expression through line, gesture and tone. Students will need to bring paper, drawing boards and drawing materials including charcoal and putty rubbers.

Book online:

Course: Creative Printmaking

Where: Ipswich Institute, Admiral's House, 13 Tower Street

When: January 15 to March 25,

Cost: £82, £53 (members) £61 (concessions)

This is a lino printmaking course using a variety of methods, scales and formats. This term has a focus on outlines and in-lines and what they might mean for the creation of design effects. The course is designed for beginners and improvers, with structured starter sessions and also a chance to focus on your own preferences towards the end if you prefer, after exploring the variety of new methods introduced this term.

Ask for an equipment list. A starter kit of lino and a cutter can be purchased at the first class at a cost of £9.50 (TBC). Small charge for tools and materials supplied each week £2(TBC)

Book online:

Course: Holiday French

Where: West Suffolk College, Out Risbygate, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 3RL

When: May 7 for six weeks

Cost: £65

Are you planning a holiday to France and would like an introduction to the language to help you gain more from your trip? This is an ideal beginner's short course to help you gain some confidence and experience the very best on your holiday. Topics covered will include: personal details, food and drink, accommodation, asking for directions along with numbers and spelling.

Enrole online:

Course: French Circle

Where: West Suffolk College, Out Risbygate, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 3RL

When: From January 27 for 15 weeks

Cost: £175

This language course is intended for those who have completed 3 years of evening classes or those who can converse with some fluency in everyday situations. Students should be able to speak about oneself, shopping, booking accommodation etc. They should be confident in the use of the present tense and have some knowledge of future and past tenses.

The aim of this course will be to reinforce the knowledge and to increase understanding, fluency and confidence. The emphasis will continue to be on speaking, listening and reading though some writing skill in the language will be developed.

Students will practise speaking in role-plays, games and informal conversation, using new technology as appropriate. Some homework will be available every week for those who wish to spend more time consolidating their learning. It is a great help for you and the tutor if you can devote some private time to studying vocabulary each week.

Enrole online:

Course: German for Complete Beginners

Where: Ipswich Institute, Tavern Street, Ipswich, IP1 3AA

When: January 15 to March 25,

Cost: £82, £53 (members) £61 (concessions)

This course is for those who are completely new to German or those who have already studied German in the past but need to refresh their knowledge. We will start from the very beginning and will be learning in a friendly and relaxed environment to read, write and speak German. We will be using the text book Willkommen! which is aimed at adult beginners and covers everyday situations such as introductions, family, hobbies, work and life in Germany.

Book online:

Course: The Secret to Photography Success

Where: Tony Pick Photography, Iken

When: Courses run all year

Cost: £495 (full day) £295 (half day)

Tony's one-to-one and group photography workshops enable every photographer, from those just starting out to professionals, the opportunity to take their camera skills to the next level. Understanding light, improving shooting skills and learning the secrets of the digital darkroom are all techniques you will discover during your workshop. The end result is a wonderful portfolio of pictures, as well as the knowledge and skills to recreate them with confidence.

Workshops include: Camera Skills. Portraits, Landscape, Lightroom and HDR (High Dynamic Range).

Choose your preferred photo training workshop and book online ( or call Tony to discuss on 07719 919484.

Course: Photography - How to Enjoy Your Camera

Where: Ipswich Institute, Tavern Street, Ipswich, IP1 3AA

When: January 15 to March 25, from 6.30-8.30pm

Cost: £82, £53 (members) £61 (concessions)

This course is designed to de-mystify the strange symbols and buttons on today's digital cameras. We will look at the controls and settings within the camera including ISO settings, apertures and shutter speeds. We will progress to understanding the fundamentals of composition and explore different formats of digital image files, and learn how to crop and resize images ready for printing.

Book online:

Course: Introduction to Creative Writing

Where: West Suffolk College, Out Risbygate, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 3RL

When: June 2 for five weeks

Cost: £70

Aiming to develop your own practice through inspiration, we will use stimulus texts each week to spark off our own ideas. The course assumes a willingness both to share our own work and to listen to and comment on that of others. We will explore poetic genres that range from highly stylised forms such as sonnets and lyric poetry through to imagism and free verse. Prose narratives will be focused on the short story form but there will be chances to experiment with modes such as stream-of-consciousness writing, allegory, gothic writing and creative non-fiction.

Week 1: structure, style and the judicious withholding of information

Week 2: short fiction - ambivalent characters

Week 3: narrative forms - stream of consciousness and verse forms

Week 4: compacting meaning - free verse

Week 5: structural discipline - sonnets and lyric poetry

Enrole online:

Course: Ipswich Intermediate Creative Writing Course: Characters and Conflict

Where: 23 Damselfly Rd, Ipswich, IP3 9TS

When: From March 3 2020 for five weeks

Cost: £50

Run by the Suffolk Writers Group, the ideal participant is someone who has had some previous writing experience and is keen to hone their craft through a range of fun, interactive activities.

There will also be opportunities to share work and receive feedback on your story ideas. The course covers: character creation; finding your character's voice; making and breaking the rules; as well as creating dynamic dialogue.

For further details or booking information email

Alternatively phone: 07943 068033.

Course: Pottery For Beginners

Where: West Suffolk College, Milburn Campus, Anglian Road, Bury St Edmunds IP32 6SR

When: April 21 for 10 weeks

Cost: £158

The aim of this course is to introduce students to a range of pottery techniques so that they can achieve individual creative ideas.

Whether it is objects for the home, garden or gifts for friends, this course will equip you with skills to help you craft your own pottery.

The course covers the following: Health & Safety in the workshop, an introduction to the work area, preparation of clay, demonstrations of slab building, coiling and throwing, using press moulds, decoration techniques using slips, trailing, paper resist, combing etc. Making and decorating with stamps and sprigs.

Demonstration and use of extruder. Glazing - how to apply dipping and pouring to a basic design.

Course: Glass fusing introductory workshop with Laura Hart

Where: Hart Glass, Cavendish, Sudbury

When: January 23-24, 10am to 5pm

Cost: £250

Internationally acclaimed glass artist Laura Hart holds her glass courses at the Hart Glass studio. She began holding glass fusing workshops in August 2017. With three dedicated areas of work; a large light and airy cutting room, kiln and cold working room and mould making room, courses are now better than ever.

Laura runs two day courses only a few dates per year for up to six students per workshop. So, if you have ever wondered, 'How do they do that?' or thought, 'I'd love to have a go!' this is your perfect chance to give that creative spark a chance to shine. If you're a beginner with burning curiosity, or you've done some glasswork and you'd like to indulge your skills, a relaxed studio environment guarantees a fun, informative and inspirational experience.

This introductory course aims to give you a taste of a wide variety of glass fusing techniques and a clear understanding of the processes.

Glass Fusing Introductory course:

1. The glass studio environment.

2. Cutting, cold-working & design.

3. Planning firing schedules.

To book go to

Course: Simply Risotto

Where: Suffolk New College, Rope Walk, Ipswich,

When: Tuesday March 17, 6-9pm (one day workshop)

Cost: £45

Would you like to master this potentially tricky dish? Join this session and learn how to, with step by step instructions, achieve the perfect Risotto, while improving your general culinary know-how and

cooking skills.

You will need to bring: lined writing pad, pencils, writing pens. You should wear flat shoes for safety and disclose any allergies, such as nut, at the point of enrolment

Book online:

Course: Ultimate Macarons

Where: Suffolk New College, Rope Walk, Ipswich,

When: Wednesday March 11, 6-9pm (one day workshop)

Cost: £40

Unleash your creativity and turn simple macarons into a work of art. Take your macaron skills a step further and experiment with different techniques such as marbling, delicate hand-painted designs and much more.

You will need to bring: lined writing pad, pencils, writing pens. You should wear flat shoes for safety and disclose any allergies, such as nut, at the point of enrolment.

Course: Guitar for Complete Beginners

Where: Ipswich Institute, Tavern Street, Ipswich, IP1 3AA

When: January 15 Jan to March 25, from 6.30-8.30pm

Cost: £82, £53 (members) £61 (concessions)

An introduction to guitar tablature and chord progressions, for complete beginners, covering all styles of music. This course will enable you to read and play simple tunes and strum open chords in rhythm. You will need an acoustic or classical guitar to take part, no previous experience required.

Book online:

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