Library cancels Insulate Britain event after claiming it was 'misled'

Woodbridge Library

Insulate Britain had hoped to stage an event at Woodbridge Library. However, after the nature of the booking was discovered, Suffolk Libraries decided to cancel. - Credit: Simon Parker

An event at Woodbridge Library has been cancelled after it was revealed that the organisers were campaign group Insulate Britain. 

In a statement, Suffolk Libraries said: “Woodbridge Library’s meeting room was privately booked for an event tonight (November 23). We were aware that it was an event to discuss climate change, but we weren’t previously made aware it was being promoted as an Insulate Britain event.

“We have now decided to cancel the booking as we were misled over the nature of the event.

"We have concerns that literature being used to promote it to local people could make it appear as if it is a library event and we have concerns that the controversy surrounding Insulate Britain may result in negativity towards our staff.

“We of course apologise for any inconvenience caused to anyone planning to attend and understand that the organisers are hoping to find an alternative place to host the meeting.”

Insulate Britain have hit back at the decision, however, and in a statement said: "We must act swiftly and robustly in order to make sure everyone is safe in what is currently a future of death, famine and war.

"Being unpopular and facing ridicule has been the common experience of many seeking radical change throughout history, such as those who fought for Women's rights, Gay Rights and Disability Rights.

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"It is off the backs of those few people, who put themselves in uncomfortable, challenging situations and even risked attacks to their own safety and liberty, that we in Britain enjoy the freedoms and privileges we have today."

"It is only in communicating the danger of what we face to the people of Britain that we have any hope of government action. Would Suffolk Library have refused rooms to the Suffragettes?

"Their actions have placed them as a bystander to climate genocide, the courageous course would have been to allow this meeting to take place."

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