Fears light pollution from street lamps endangering wildlife

A street light at dusk.

The council said that it would be looking at lighting in public areas and at residential properties - Credit: Archant

Fewer street lights could be used or the lights dimmed as Mid Suffolk looks to reduce the impact of light pollution.

Mid Suffolk District Council is to consider the matter at an extraordinary meeting being held on Monday to look at the issue following a motion put forward by Councillor Daniel Pratt.

In the motion, Councillor Pratt raised concerns that light pollution in the area is increasing and "causes harm to wildlife and insects and can increase health risks in people". 

He recognised that lighting helps people to feel safe and is needed for signage but asked that the council may look at reducing the extent of lighting in the district and intensity of outdoor lighting in public areas and housing. 

"The council will ensure that new or replacement artificial lighting whether in the form of street lighting, commercial and residential lighting or advertising signage is installed to meet the lowest possible level of intensity and visual intrusion," read the motion. 

Mid Suffolk District Council will make a decision on the motion on Monday night.