Long-serving parish clerk is thanked for 40 years' service

Bures Hamlet and Bures St Mary parish clerk Jenny Wright

Long-serving parish clerk Jenny Wright - Credit: Charlotte Bond

Villagers in Bures held a celebration at the weekend to thank their long-serving parish clerk for 40 dedicated years of service. 

Around 80 people packed into the beautifully decorated Bures Community Centre on Sunday afternoon to show their appreciation for Jenny Wright - who says she has no plans to retire just yet. 

Susan Wilson, chair of Braintree District Council, and former Essex County Council leader David Finch gave speeches at the event, and Jenny was presented with flowers. 

Jenny, who lives in Bures Hamlet, said she was a 27-year-old young mum in 1982 when she got a knock at the front door from the then parish council chairman asking if she wanted a job. 

Jenny Wright with husband Ron at Bures Community Centre

Jenny with husband Ron at Bures Community Centre - Credit: Charlotte Bond

"From that, the village grew, we had computers all of a sudden, the internet and everything like that. We didn't have that to start with, everything was paper," she said. 

"I used to trot round to the members' houses, we had a hard copy file and you took it round and signed it. Now it's all emails, and more work instead of less. 

"Over the time, we've had a bridge put in, we've expanded all the sports ground, with all new equipment, there's been lots of building.

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"There was a time when there was no shops but now shops are coming back and the gaps are being filled."

As well as 40 years of service with Essex-based Bures Hamlet Parish Council, Jenny, 68, also took on duties with neighbouring Bures St Mary, just across the border in Suffolk, and organisation of the sports ground 10 years ago. 

Around 80 guests attended the celebration at Bures Community Centre 

Around 80 guests attended the celebration at Bures Community Centre - Credit: Archant

She insists she's not retiring just yet but is hopeful a young replacement will come forward eventually. 

"I've stepped down from the sports ground and I'll do it in stages," she said. 

"There will be somebody young and there needs to be. Whatever you say, I was a young mum when I took it on and enjoyed it. 

"That's what they need. A young person who really wants to do it for the village."

Guests at the celebration of Jenny Wright

Guests at the celebration for Jenny Wright - Credit: Charlotte Bond

Speaking of the celebration, Jenny, who attended with husband Ron and family, added: "It's absolutely amazing. I couldn't believe the hall when I walked in, it's so lovely. 

"They've put in so much effort to do all the food and to see people here I've known for all those years really is lovely. We're a big family."