A12 crash driver sorry for putting friend’s father in hospital over Christmas

The crash happened on a roundabout of the A12 last Christmas Eve Picture: GOOGLE

The crash happened on a roundabout of the A12 last Christmas Eve Picture: GOOGLE - Credit: Google

A careless driver, who put a motorcyclist in hospital last Christmas, later discovered the rider was a friend’s father.

Kyle Benton admitted driving without due care and attention after "side-swiping" the rider off his motorbike on Christmas Eve last year.

The crash happened on a roundabout of the A12 at 4.25pm and resulted in the motorcyclist being knocked unconscious, and spending the night in hospital with a broken collar bone and three broken ribs.

Benton was behind the wheel of a BMW 120 - with 10 points on his licence - at the time of the collision, which a witness said was caused by the 26-year-old driving too fast and not paying attention.

Suffolk Magistrates' Court heard how Benton had since accrued another three points and been banned from driving for six months, under the 'totting up' procedure, until September 6.

Russell Butcher, mitigating, said: "Although there was some suggestion he was going too fast, I think this was really a matter of him entering the inside lane and just not looking properly, which he fully accepts.

"There were no aggravated features regarding his manner of driving.

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"He stopped as soon as the collision occurred and was cooperative with the police, giving a full interview and taking a sensible view of the evidence by accepting he should have spotted him."

The court heard how Benton was disqualified from driving in March after incurring three points for travelling at 48mph in a 40mph zone last August - before the crash happened on the roundabout connecting Bloodmoor Road and Stradbroke Road, in Lowestoft.

Mr Butcher said the computer engineer, of Gisleham Road, Carlton Colville, had shown true remorse for causing the collision.

"After subsequently learning that the rider was the father of a friend, he sent a message to the rider's son to say he was sorry," he added.

"His son has said thank you and let him know his father was on the mend."

Mr Butcher said Benton would require his licence back in September in order to fulfil a new requirement of his job.

Magistrates told Benton his licence would be returned next month - but endorsed with seven points. He was also fined £233.

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