Lowestoft: Serial distraction burglar locked up

A MAN who admitted responsibility for a number of distraction burglaries in Suffolk and Essex has been jailed.

Scott Wynter, 30, of Europa Road, Lowestoft, received a four-and-a-half year prison sentence after admitting one offence in the town and similar offences in the Metropolitan Police area.

He was arrested on the afternoon of Friday, April 27, following an incident at a home in Yarmouth Road, where he had asked a 67-year-old wheelchair user if she wanted any gardening work done. When she declined this, and his offer to clean windows, Wynter asked to use the toilet - after which he left, saying he would get them a business card but did not return. Soon afterwards a door key was discovered to be missing.

Wynter was arrested and the stolen key found in his possession. Checks revealed that Wynter had a history of committing distraction burglary-type offences before moving to Lowestoft on April 23.

While he admitted being at the address in Lowestoft, he initially denied taking the key from the property. He was nevertheless charged with burglary and later pleaded guilty to this and two other similar burglary offences committed in Dagenham in Essex. He was sentenced at Snaresbrook Crown Court last Thursday, 19 July, and given 54 months imprisonment.

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