Made in heaven

Two years ago, Gail and David Berry, of Brundall, wrote on the occasion of my 32nd wedding anniversary.

Big and when I say “big” I mean really big fans of Queen, they have been in touch to say they reckon 34 years is my opal anniversary.

So I may belatedly celebrate with a packet of Starburst (if you’re under 20 you may need to ask someone older to explain).

Noting that I have obviously found Somebody to Love, they versify:

“Congrats on 34,

Here’s to many more

Los Palabras de Amor

Most Read

(Which I believe translates as ‘words of love’)

As for David and Gail:

39 years: Let’s hope The Miracle won’t end.

To one another we always say: ‘You’re My Best Friend.’”

Gail and David, You Take My Breath Away... but then, I am one of the Fat Bottomed Girls and I do tend to get a bit breathless, especially when I want to Ride My Bicycle.

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