Majority back struggle to develop ‘ugly’ building in Bury St Edmunds

The former Motorspares shop in Guildhall Street, Bury.

The former Motorspares shop in Guildhall Street, Bury. - Credit: Archant

An overwhelming majority wish to see “the ugliest building in the street” developed before it gets worse.

This was the feeling at an open meeting called by frustrated developers, who were unable to get planning permission for converting the former MotorSpares shop on Guildhall Street in Bury St Edmunds to residential use.

The event, called by father and son developers Barry and Matthew Denny, was held on Tuesday at the Hunter Club.

They explained how three planning applications had all been denied.

Judy Broadway, 64, lives on the street. She said: “It is a particularly ugly building at the moment and it needs to be developed before it gets any worse. I do feel sorry for them; they are clearly trying to think of something that will improve the site.

“They are being told to preserve the ugly plate-glass shop fronts and provide parking; it is not possible. It is by far the ugliest building in the street.”

The meeting has left Barry Denny in a positive mood. He said: “I am more hopeful we will succeed. There was unanimous support for the principle of converting to residential use. We will consider the points raised before we decide want to do next.”

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Paul Farmer, the St Edmundsbury borough councillor, said: “The meeting was a positive step towards resolving the planning issues that remain, and I was very keen to hear the views of those residents who attended.”