Maldon council nominations

MALDONAll out election (31 seats)1999 election result: Con 19, Lab 6, Ind 5Now: Con 19, Lab 5, Ind 6Althorne (2): *Robert Boyce (Con), Nigel Butt (Con), Richard French (IDA), Michael Helm (IDA), Christine Lovett (Lab).


All out election (31 seats)

1999 election result: Con 19, Lab 6, Ind 5

Now: Con 19, Lab 5, Ind 6

Althorne (2): *Robert Boyce (Con), Nigel Butt (Con), Richard French (IDA), Michael Helm (IDA), Christine Lovett (Lab).

Burnham-on-Crouch North (2): Mary Feakins (Lab), Neil Pudney (Con), *John Smith (Con) Pauline Wells (Lab), *Michael Wood (Ind).

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Burnham-on-Crouch South (2): Peter Elliott (Con), Mark Ellis (Green), Carole Noble (Con) *Una Norman (L), Terence Quinlan (Lab).

Great Totham (2): *Rodney Bass (Con), *Frank Delderfield (Con), Robert King (Green).

Heybridge East (2): *Bryan Harker (Con), Alison Warr (Con).

Heybridge West (2): Thomas Benson (IDA), *Alan Cheshire (Con), Michael Cole (Green), Valerie Quinlan (L), *Sheila Rosewarne (Con).

Maldon East (1): *Paul Rew (Lab), Stephen Savage (Con).

Maldon North (2): *Dennis Keighley (Con), *Brian Mead (Con), William Stichbury (IDA).

Maldon South (2): Andrew Cain (Con), Liz Grimwade (Green Party), Brenda Keighley (Con), *Peter Roberts (Lab).

Maldon West (2): Michael Bentley (Lab), Janet Carden (Green), *Thomas Kelly (Con), William Prior (Con).

Mayland (2): *Penelope Channer (Con), *Carol Ellmers (Con), David Horner (IDA), Norman Hunt (Lab), Sylvia Izzard (Green).

Purleigh (2): *John Archer (Con), *Lawrence Cooper (Ind), Pauline Hallanzy, Robert Roe (IDA).

Southminster (2): *Brian Beale (Ind), Rodney Eastham (Lab), Gordon Ellmers (Con), Paulette Ryall (IDA).

Tillingham (1): Cherie Archer (Lab), Anthony Cussen (Con), *Richard Dewick (IDA).

Tollesbury (1): *Ronald Laurie (Ind), Arthur Mullin (Con).

Tolleshunt D'Arcy (2): Julian Dawson (IDA), Jonathan King (Green) *Robert Long (Con), *Barry Warden McGhee (Ind), *Marion Peel (Con).

Wickham Bishops and Woodham (2): Jill Cole (Green), Graham Finch (Ind), *David Howse (Con), *Sheila Young (Con)

Key: Conservative (Con), Labour (Lab), Independent Democratic Alliance (IDA), Green Party (Green), Independent (Ind)

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