Man did not force prostitute to have sex, jury hears

A 35-YEAR-OLD man accused of raping a prostitute has denied that he forced himself upon her.

A 35-YEAR-OLD man accused of raping a prostitute has denied that he forced himself upon her.

Jamie Garnham was giving evidence for the first time yesterday at his trial at Ipswich Crown Court.

He has admitted going into an alleyway with the woman where she performed a sex act on him but denies that the sex that followed was forced.

The incident happened near Gibbon Street, Ipswich - close to the town's red light district - in March 2006.

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Prosecuting, Joanne Eley said: “Did you think you could go to the alleyway and have sex without paying because no one was around? I suggest that when you were in the alleyway, you thought you had the opportunity to snatch the money off her and have sex without paying.”

The court heard that he had given the woman £15 to perform a sex act on him. She had complained that he hadn't given her enough money and had given him back the £5 note. It is claimed that Garnham had then snatched back the £10 note and had pushed her up against a wall and told her he was going to have sex with her.

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In the victim's evidence she said he pinned her to the floor and forced himself on her while putting his hand over her mouth. He also raised his fist over her face and later punched her five times, the jury was told.

Garnham, of Shakespeare Road, Ipswich, denied that the woman was sobbing.

When he was asked by Ms Eley whether he stopped having sex with her because he heard someone coming, he said: “No. I didn't hear anyone else. She told me to get off.”

Ms Eley said: “You know she was crying. She was distressed because she was not consenting to sexual intercourse.”

The woman said she had then run towards Elliot Street and the mother of the woman who had come out of the house had called the police.

Garnham's former work colleague Justin DeGabrieli, 36, told the jury that the defendant got on well with women. He added he was unaware Garnham used the services of prostitutes.

He said: “I worked with Jamie at the post office. He is a friendly, bubbly nice guy, and an honest person.”

The trial continues.

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