Man fights for life

AN elderly man is fighting for his life after a car crash in Essex this morning.The collision between two cars happened just before 7.30am on the Harwich-bound A120 at the junction for Great Bromley.

By Sharon Asplin

AN ELDERLY man was in hospital last night with serious injuries following a car crash in Essex.

A collision between two cars happened just before 7.30am yesterday on the Harwich-bound A120 at the junction for Great Bromley.

Essex Ambulance Service operations manager, John Nicholls, said: “Both cars were left with extensive damage and one had a great deal of intrusion into the driver's side of the passenger compartment.

“The driver of that car was an elderly man who had a serious chest injury and was unconscious. When we arrived on the scene, a police officer was with the man, maintaining his airway, supporting his neck with a neck collar and administering oxygen.

“As soon as we arrived we took over treating him and set up a fluids drip. We monitored his condition as the fire brigade cut away the roof and doors to free him from the wreckage. He remained unconscious for most of the extrication process.”

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The air ambulance flew him to Colchester General Hospital. The occupants of the other car included a woman, thought to be in her twenties, and her toddler daughter. They suffered minor injuries and were taken to hospital for treatment.

The accident, coupled with a second 90 minutes later, caused horrendous tailbacks for morning commuters.

A woman was airlifted to hospital following the second crash, a three-car accident in Clacton Road between Elmstead Market and Frating Green.

Mr Nicholls said: “One of the drivers was a woman, thought to be in her late 60s. She was suffering from pain in her neck, back and chest and had abrasions on her throat from the seatbelt.

“We immobilised her with a neck collar and back board and stabilised her condition at the scene.”

She was then flown to Colchester General Hospital for treatment. The drivers of the other two cars were unhurt.

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