Man in 90s 'over the moon' after stolen mobility scooter returned

John Pulfer, front, with his brother Michael Pulfer on his treasured mobility scooter

John Pulfer, on his treasured mobility scooter which has been returned - Credit: Allison Balaam

A man in his 90s is "over the moon" that his stolen mobility scooter has been returned, his niece has said. 

Charles Pulfer, better known as John, had his black Rascal 388XL mobility scooter returned after it was stolen from his wooden shed at his Shepherds Grove Park home in Bury St Edmunds.

The mobility scooter was stolen at some point between 3pm on Sunday, May 2 and 2pm on Wednesday May 5.

It is believed the mobility scooter was returned to the home of the 93-year-old at some point during the night of Thursday, May 6. 

Mr Pulfer's niece Allison Balaam, said: "He is over the moon. He just couldn't believe it. We had tears but he was just so relieved that it is back. 

"It means everything to him to have it back because he can now go out and see people. 

"He lives on his own, he only sees people when he goes out and it now means he can go out when he wants to go out. It has given him his independence back."

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Mrs Balaam went over to her uncles on Saturday to give him a replacement scooter, and explained that because it was raining she planned to put it under his cover. 

As she lifted up the cover, she found his scooter had been returned.

"We couldn't believe it," she said.

"My uncle always reverses his scooter on to the drive but it had been driven in this time. 

"We think it was returned Thursday night because it was dry and it had been raining all day Friday."

Although Mrs Balaam is delighted the mobility scooter has been returned she is still frustrated it was even taken in the first place. 

She added: "The family are now totally relieved but still pretty annoyed with the person who took it because of the amount of aggravation they have caused. 

"We just can't get our heads around it.

"I think the person who had taken it has seen that everybody was absolutely disgusted by the theft.

"I think they have realised how much my uncle needs it."

A spokesman for Suffolk police added: “It is very gratifying to hear that the scooter has been located and returned as it allows the victim to regain a strong sense of independence and mobility that he lost after the scooter was taken.”

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