Man who accused his former wife of attempted murder is jailed

A MAN who tried to blame his estranged wife for attempted murder has been given an indeterminate sentence for the public’s protection.

Justin Faircloth stabbed Adam Richer in the back twice and once in his arm after finding him at his former wife’s home in Colchester in the early hours of New Year’s Day.

Richer had walked Cara Gargano home from town and was asleep on the sofa when Faircloth pounced, leaving Mr Richer with no chance to defend himself.

Mr Richer managed to escape, leaving a trail of blood as he left.

He was taken to Colchester General Hospital and treated for his injuries before later being discharged.

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Faircloth, 29, was later arrested by police but then blamed his estranged wife Miss Gargano for what had happened at the flat in Iceni Way.

Faircloth was found guilty of attempted murder after a trial last month and was yesterday sentenced to an indeter-minate jail sentence and will not be considered for parole until he has served six years.

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The officer in charge of the investigation yesterday said the 24-year-old could have died had it not been for the quick response of the emergency services.

Detective Constable Tim Harris, said: “We are satisfied with the result which reflects our attitude of positive action to domestic violence and knife crime.

“This was an unprovoked attack where the victim had no chance to defend himself. If it wasn’t for the quick action of the emergency services, the man may have died from his injuries.

“Rather than accept responsibly for his actions, Justin Faircloth chose a last-minute option of trying to blame his estranged wife for the stabbing.

“His actions were cowardly and the jury had the good grace to see through it.

“We hope he has ample time to reflect upon what he brought upon himself and takes the opportunity to move away from his habitual use of violence towards others.”

Faircloth of Smallwood Road, Colchester was also placed on licence for the rest of his life.

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