Man with megaphone protests ‘Clarion Call’ World War One centenary music project

A protester has been distrupting the Clarion Call World War One outdoor music project at the Waterfr

A protester has been distrupting the Clarion Call World War One outdoor music project at the Waterfront in Ipswich Picture: ADAM HOWLETT - Credit: Archant

A protestor with a megaphone and siren has been disrupting an outdoor music project in Ipswich marking the end of World War One.

The Clarion Call, which is part of the town’s SPILL Festival, features the voices of women singing folk revivalist Shirley Collins’ version of Our Captain Cried All Hands and has been played from 488 loudspeakers on the Waterfront as well as a helicopter twice a day.

However, a man has been disrupting performances from a nearby balcony on the waterfront using a megaphone, prompting calls for the police to get involved.

The festival’s artist director Robert Pacitti said they had engaged with the council and the police over the issue.

Mark Peck posted to the festival’s Facebook page to voice his concerns.

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He said: “Is there anything that can be done about the idiot with the megaphone who’s been doing his best to ruin it the last few days?”

Mr Pacitti replied: “We are trying to have a dialogue with him. We have engaged with the council and the police.

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“The best we can hope for is that he respects everyone else’s right to experience Clarion Call without his disruption.

“We are trying to get him to understand the memorial nature of it.”

East Anglian Daily Times reader Mr J Cooper had travelled to Ipswich to hear the Clarion Call at sunset.

In a letter to the newspaper, he said: “It was a composition that I considered so beautiful and was defiantly an uplifting experience that contrasted to the normal atmosphere of a run down Ipswich.

“Sadly it was marred by the behaviour of one man from a nearby balcony who was intent of spoiling the efforts of a talented composer and the one hundred ladies who gave their voices to this extraordinary composition.

“The marina had been turned into a gallery of beautiful spiritual sound and one wonders why this man has been allowed to spoil this brilliant piece of artistic work.

“I consider it to be a hate crime towards humanity and ask why law enforcement has allowed it to happen every night. Shame on Ipswich.”

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