Mersea Island: Rescue drama at Strood causeway

NINE people and a toddler have been rescued from their vehicles after becoming stuck during high tide on The Strood causeway at Mersea Island.

Thames Coastguard was told about the incident earlier this afternoon after an elderly woman became stranded on the road in her car.

She got out but was then swept away by the rising water. A nearby recovery truck drove onto The Strood and the driver managed to pull her to safety. An ambulance was called, but about 30 minutes later they had to call for HM Coastguard backup as seven other vehicles had also become trapped on the flooded road.

West Mersea Coastguard Rescue Team and the West Mersea RNLI inshore lifeboat were sent to the scene to help recover the stranded people.

Aimee Rampton, watch manager at Thames Coastguard said: “I would like to stress how important it is not to attempt crossing The Strood causeway during highwater tides, as it is highly likely that the road will be covered with sea water and with it strong undercurrents.”

“Today people were very lucky as there were no injuries, even though one woman was washed into the water and assisted by the truck driver.”

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