Metropolitan police officer from Suffolk raped teenager in woods and play area, court told

The hearing at London's Wood Green Crown Court resumes at 10am today. Stock image. Picture: ARCHANT

The hearing at London's Wood Green Crown Court resumes at 10am today. Stock image. Picture: ARCHANT

A police officer from Suffolk raped a 16-year-old student twice while they were on a date, a court heard.

Pc Adam Provan, of the Metropolitan Police, forced himself on her during a “hellish date”, once when they went for a walk in the woods and also on a bench in a children’s play area in the summer of 2010, London’s Wood Green Crown Court was told.

Knowing her father had been told they had gone to the cinema after the first alleged rape, Provan took her to a fast-food drive-through outlet in Essex, where he bought milkshakes and looked up film plots on his mobile phone, the court heard.

Prosecutor Anthony Metzer QC said this was “essentially rehearsing a story which could be sold back” to her father as they were supposed to have watched a film.

Provan, 38, of Kirtling in Newmarket, denies two counts of rape between July 31 to September 1 2010.

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The jury were told they met after being introduced by a mutual friend in late summer 2010 and kept in touch before deciding to go on a date.

Mr Metzer told the jury that the teenager, who had just taken her GCSE exams, feels Provan “groomed her for several days, exchanging messages and photographs”.

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The teenager asked Provan to meet her father before the date and he went to her house.

It turned out her father already knew Provan, via general acquaintances, and was “reassured” as he knew Provan was a serving police officer.

He also figured out that Provan was around 31 years old rather than the 22 years of age, as he had told her.

The jury was told Provan drove for 15 to 20 minutes to some woods and a tree trunk where the first rape is alleged to have happened.

Mr Metzer said that Provan asked for a kiss and she briefly kissed him.

He told the jury that Provan touched her breasts and pulled out a condom, before adding: “He asked her if they should ‘do it’, meaning to have sex, she said no.

“He kept asking and she stepped away.

“But this refusal wasn’t sufficient for Mr Provan to desist.

“He continued saying they should ‘do it’ and telling her to take her trousers down.

“She continued to refuse but he did not give up.”

He pulled his trousers down and pinned her to the tree where she “froze with fear”, Mr Metzer said.

After the first alleged rape the teenager tried to escape from the woods and left her bag in his car.

She was “effectively Mr Provan’s prisoner”, according to Mr Metzer.

Provan later took her for another walk, while she was “still traumatised” and from the first alleged incident, the court was told.

Mr Metzer said: “They went to a children’s play area where he played in the swings while she remained passive from her fresh trauma.”

He then took her to a bench on a hill and insisted on another sex act, it was claimed.

The complainant felt “too guilty” to report the alleged incidents to police but eventually told several people including her stepmother.

In his police interview after being arrested in June 2016, Provan said he took the teenager for a walk “so as not to be impolite, but nothing occurred of a sexual nature”.

He also denied kissing her.

After being charged, he told officers: “I have never ever hurt anybody of a sexual nature in my life.”

The woman broke down in tears several times as she gave evidence from behind a screen.

She recalled telling Provan no “about four times” in relation to the first alleged incident and “three or four times” regarding the second.

Mr Metzer asked her, again on a scale from one to 10, about how clear she had been about not wanting sexual contact with Provan in both alleged instances.

She replied: “10.”

Asked why she kissed him at the tree trunk, the woman said: “I did not think much of a peck on the lips.”

She described feeling “empty and numb” after the first alleged incident and just wanting to go home.

The hearing was adjourned until today at 10am.

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