MICK’S THE MAN: Fans show their support for new boy Mick McCarthy

FANS have shown they are getting behind the new duo at Ipswich Town by sending in their messages of support via our websites to Mick McCarthy and Terry Connor.

One of the first messages came from Neil Harvey who said: “Good luck to MM & TC, let’s get behind them our season starts now.”

Brian, Cion and Kyle Wren added: “Best wishes to MM & TC, you have the town and county, international fans and neutrals willing you to be successful. You will love Suffolk, just like Ogonelloe. Be at home.

Getting fully behind McCarthy, Shaun Goodyear said: “Good luck Mick and co, I am 100% convinced you will become another one of ITFC’s legendary managers so pleased you said yes to us!”

Adding to this sentiment, Luke Symonds said: “Good luck on managing Ipswich Town, it’s nice to know we have someone with a lot of experience and reputation, and I know as a club that we can easily get out of the relegation zone, and you are the man to help us do that.”

Online, readers have been voting in our polls and 75% believe McCarthy can save Ipswich Town from the relegation zone.

Tweeters have also been showing their support with one Tweet sent out saying: #itfc should make every ticket for MM’s first home game �5...get PR (Portman Road) packed and bring a bit of atmosphere back!!!”

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But in response Pecky said: “That’d be highly irritating for season ticket holders who have endured all home games at full price..!”

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