Mid Suffolk nominations

MID SUFFOLKAll out election (40 seats)No overall control. Liberal Democrats provide Leader.1999 election result: Con and Ind 18, Lib Dem 14, Lab 6, Ind Lab 2.


All out election (40 seats)

No overall control. Liberal Democrats provide Leader.

1999 election result: Con and Ind 18, Lib Dem 14, Lab 6, Ind Lab 2.

Now: Con and Ind 17, Lib Dem 14, Lab 6, Ind Lab 2, Ind Lib Dem 1.

Bacton and Old Newton (1): David Hodges (Con), *Michael Shave (Ind), Roger Stearn (Green Party).

Most Read

Badwell Ash (1): Roy Barker (Con), *Malcolm Saunders (LD).

Barking and Somersham (1): *Vivienne Hoy(LD).

Bramford and Blakenham (2): Anthony Elliott (Lab), Gary Install (Lab), *Roger Saunders (Con).

Claydon and Barham (2): Neil Cooper (Con), *Clive Crane (LD), Sally Eastall (LD), John Williams (Con).

Debenham (1): Edward Alcock (Con), Merlin Carr (Green Party), Manuelo Lorenzo (LD).

Elmswell and Norton (2): David Etchells-Butler (Con), *Carol Milward (LD), Douglas Reed (LD).

Eye (1): *Charles Flatman (Ind).

Fressingfield (1): Emily Beanland (Green Party), Garry Deeks (no party given), *George Frost (Ind), Mary Goode (LD).

Gislingham (1): Diana Kearsley (Con), *Terence O'Keefe (Lab).

Haughley and Wetherden (1): John Davie-Thornhill (Con), *David Evans (Lab).

Helmingham and Coddenham (1): Timothy Passmore (Con), Simon West (LD).

Hoxne (1): Christopher Lawrence (Con), Robert Van Slooten (LD).

Mendlesham (1): *John Gilmour (Con), Andrew Stringer (Green Party).

Needham Market (2): Raymond Darnell (Con), David Hill (Lab), *Wendy Marchant(LD), Ian Mason (Con), *Michael Norris (LD).

Onehouse (1): Bruce Cameron-Laker (Con), *Robert Cray (LD), John Matthissen (Green Party).

Palgrave (1): Elaine Halton (Lab), *Charles Michell (Con).

Rattlesden (1): Michael Morris (Ind), *Penelope Otton (LD).

Rickinghall and Walsham (2): John Dougall (Lab), *Sara Michell (Con), *Alec Russell (Con).

Ringshall (1): Patricia Godden (LD), Eleanor Rauh (Con).

Stowmarket central (2): *Marilyn Finbow (Lab), *Gordon Paton (Con), Poppy Robinson (Con), Ronald Snell (Lab).

Stowmarket north (3): Suzanne Britton (Lab), John Drake (Lab), Duncan Macpherson (Lab), Frank Shephard (Con), Frank Whittle (Con).

Stowmarket south (2): *Brenda McKinlay (LD), Keith Myers-Hewitt (Con), *Keith Scarff (LD), Vera Waspe (Con).

Stowupland (1): Ivan Lockett (Con), Timothy Lodge (Lab).

Stradbroke and Laxfield (1): Sarah Coulter (LD), *Stuart Gemmill (Ind), Adrian Green (Green Party).

The Stonhams (1): *Anthony Fowler (LD), Nicholas Hardingham (Green Party), *Richard Passmore (Con).

Thurston and Hessett (2): Derrick Haley (Con), David Kemplay (LD), Donald Stevenson (Lab), Alan Stiff (Con).

Wetheringsett (1): Charles Tilbury (Con).

Woolpit(1): Ann Cooke (LD), *Ramon Melvin (Ind).

Worlingworth (1): *Paul Debenham (Con), Denise Foster (LD).

Figure in brackets denotes number of councillors to be elected

Key: Conservative (Con), Labour (Lab), Liberal Democrat (LD), Green (Green Party), Independent (Ind), Independent Labour (Ind Lab).