Stunning photo of the Milky Way captured over Suffolk beach

An amateur photographer was able to catch this stunning photo of the Milky way at Walberswick Beach

An amateur photographer was able to catch this stunning photo of the Milky way at Walberswick Beach. - Credit: John Lyon

A photographer has captured an amazing photo of the Milky Way over a Suffolk beach. 

John Lyon, who first started taking photos of the Milky Way six years ago, was able to get the picture at Walberswick beach when he visited with two other amateur photographers.

He recently started his photography hobby again after taking some out due to illness. 

"Due to developing a chronic illness I stopped shooting and just concentrated on recovering enough to resume normal daily life, which I did late 2019 and the next two years are self-explanatory," Mr Lyon said. "In August I travelled to Dunwich beach with my wife to have my first attempt at shooting the Milky Way since picking the camera back up.

"My most recent shot at Walberswick beach was with two other photographers and we set up our tripods around 8.30pm on the shore and waited for darkness to come.

"As the sky turned from blue to black the stars started to appear and by 9pm we could see the faint pattern of the Milky Way appearing from Sizewell stretching all the way over our heads towards Southwold."

Suffolk has some great places to go stargazing thanks to the clear skies and seemingly never-ending views.

As well as Walberswick, other popular locations include Westleton Common, Covehithe and Dunwich. 

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