More snow heading for Suffolk

FORECASTERS have today predicted that more snow is destined to fall in the region.

FORECASTERS have today predicted that more snow is destined to fall in the region.

A mixture of rain, sleet and snow is likely to leave the region suffering from extremely icy conditions, as temperatures in Suffolk continue to plummet.

As the region once again prepares for the onslaught of the big freeze, forecasters today revealed that temperatures reached as low as -5C last night - in what is expected to be the coldest night of the coming week.

Chris Bell, a forecaster for WeatherQuest, said: “There is a good possibility of more snow headed for the area and it could start as early as tonight .

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“There will be a very complicated weather system of rain, sleet and snow and the main risk of snow while develop over the course of tonight.

“On the back edge of that, more snow can be expected during the week and the temperatures will definitely remain bitter.”

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The frosty conditions are expected to continue through until Wednesday afternoon, with Mr Bell forecasting about two inches to fall in Suffolk.

The combination of the freezing temperatures with a mixture of snow and sleet is also likely to play havoc on Suffolk's roads.

The weather enthusiast later added: “It won't take much snow for it to have an impact on the roads because the ground is already cold enough got the snow to stick.”

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