Morris 8: First car snapped up for £5 after the war

A pre-war Morris 8 like that owned by Dozey M

A pre-war Morris 8 like that owned by Dozey M - Credit: Archant

John Morton, of Ipswich, tells us about his Morris 8

He said: “My first car was a pre-World War Two Morris 8. Which had been left in a garage for the duration of the war.

“The owner had died, and his widow sold me the car for £5.

“My friend and I removed it from garage and pushed it to the garage we both worked at, then proceeded to clean it up and get it working.”

The car was the source of many adventures, as John explained: “My then girlfriend and I travelled to Devon for a weeks holiday. The car ran like a dream, it took us 14 hours to get there and 12 hours coming home.”

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He added: “I eventually sold it to another lad who worked in the same garage for, yes you guessed it £5.

“I then moved away and have know idea what or where the car ended up. But it was great fun.”

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