Mother feared son had been kicked to death in front of her

IPSWICH: A thug is under lock and key today after an attack on a 16-year-old that was so vicious the boy’s terrified mother feared he was dead.

Edward Van-Bishop, formerly of Edmonton Close, Kesgrave, ambushed the teenager outside his home in the Bramford Road area.

Sentencing 19-year-old Van-Bishop to two-and-a-half years in a young offenders’ institution, Judge David Goodin said: “This case of grievous bodily harm with intent was a vicious offence because it was a stratagem, or it involved a device, in which you lured your victim out of the protection of his parents’ home in order to ambush him, knock him over, kick him and stamp on him as he lay there defenceless on the ground while his horrified mother – at one stage – looked out the window to see her 16-year-old son laying so still on the ground that she wondered if he was dead.”

Ipswich Crown Court had heard the attack took place at 8.55pm on October 24 last year when the victim answered the door of his home to see a friend he had previously been in dispute with.

Patricia Doggett, prosecuting, said the teenager – who believed the argument had been resolved – was asked to step outside.

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As the victim – whose identity is protected by the court –went out, Van-Bishop ran towards him after hiding in a neighbour’s garden and thumped the teenager.

Van-Bishop threw more punches, hitting the victim on the back of the head as he tried to protect himself.

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The younger teenager attempted to fight back, but the onslaught continued, the court heard.

Van-Bishop kneed him in the stomach several times, causing his victim to fall to the ground.

The victim drew his legs up to his chest and put a hand over his head to protect himself while taking blows to the ribs and chest. Van-Bishop then began to stomp on him repeatedly, the court heard.

The teenage victim said later in a statement: “I thought I was going to die.

“I’m unable to state how many times he stamped on me. It felt like forever.”

After the attack finished Van-Bishop left the scene with two other people.

The teenager was taken to hospital with a broken right wrist, swelling to the back of his head, grazes to his forehead and pain to his ribs, chest and back.

Van-Bishop, now of Stanford Street, Lowestoft, pleaded guilty to GBH with intent. He also admitted a separate incident of obstructing a police officer in Ipswich on May 16 this year.

The court heard he had previous convictions, including for violence, and was on a suspended sentence at the time of the attack.

In addition to the 30 month-term he was given for the GBH, Van-Bishop also received an additional three months in custody for breaching his suspended sentence.

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