Mother’s street light call after being hit by passing car on Melton to Ufford footpath

Kylie Cox was left with a dislocated shoulder after being hit by a four-wheel-drive while walking al

Kylie Cox was left with a dislocated shoulder after being hit by a four-wheel-drive while walking along a Suffolk road. - Credit: Sarah Lucy brown

A Suffolk mother has called for more street lighting along a stretch of road where she was hurt by a passing car.

Kylie Cox, of Parklands, Ufford, was left with a fractured shoulder after being hit by the wing mirror of a silver four-wheel-drive as she walked with three children along the pavement in Yarmouth Road.

The 27-year-old has since refused to walk the route she took when the accident happened – at 4.30pm on November 30 – and wants pedestrians to be made more visible to drivers.

Miss Cox’s five-year-old son and her friend’s four-year-old daughter were both wearing high-visibility vests, while her three-year-old daughter was pushed along in a buggy.

The vehicle failed to stop at the scene, near the St Audry’s Park junction.

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Miss Cox, who can only recall the number plate including the letter A, said: “I was walking the kids home and had stopped to talk to my friend’s little girl. I looked up and a car swerved into the curb.

“My daughter started screaming. My son asked if I was OK, and my friend’s little girl just went quiet.

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“I was in pain but I just wanted to get everyone home. When my partner asked if I was OK, through gritted teeth I told him I was fine – but he could see there was something wrong and got straight on the phone.”

A GP referred Miss Cox to hospital, where it was discovered her shoulder was dislocated. A second appointment found a hairline fracture.

Miss Cox said she has complained about lack of street lighting and is now insisting something be done to better illuminate the footpath.

“I want to be able to walk my kids to school without fear of being hit by a car,” she said.

“Every now and then my daughter panics when a car goes past.”

A county council spokeswoman said: “We are sorry to hear about the incident on Yarmouth Road.

“On this particular road there are no lights and we do not have any budget allocated to provide new lighting. However we do consider installing lighting as part of there being a safety or improvement scheme where designs for street lighting have been included as part of that scheme.

“New street lighting can also be installed as part of the creation of housing developments. Other local councils such as town, parish and district can own street lighting in their area and can fund new provision for lighting units if they have the budget to do so.”

Suffolk police are investigating the crash. If you can help call 101, quoting 320 of November 30.

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