Motorist jailed for driving like modern-day Ben Hur on the A12 near Woodbridge

A12 Woodbridge by-pass

A12 Woodbridge by-pass

A motorist who barged another driver’s car off the A12 near Woodbridge has been jailed for six months for what the judge described as “a modern day version of Ben Hur”.

Sentencing 32-year-old Matthew Care, Recorder Ian Evans, described his driving as “seriously dangerous” and “aggressive” and said he had placed his son, who was in the car with him, in jeopardy.

Mr Evans said it was a miracle that when Care barged into a black Mondeo driven by Stuart Twite, causing the vehicle to ricochet across the road onto a grass verge, there was no oncoming traffic.

“It put me in mind of a modern day version of Ben Hur, with two vehicles being driven alongside each other and one trying to force the other off the road,” said the judge.

Care, of St Christian’s Close, Kesgrave, admitted dangerous driving in January. In addition to being jailed for six months, he was banned from driving for two years and ordered to pay an £80 surcharge.

Twite, of Queen Elizabeth Drive, Beccles, denied dangerous driving and was cleared by a jury after a trial earlier this month. However, he was found guilty of careless driving and was fined £250 and ordered to pay £500 costs.

Sasha Bailey, prosecuting at Ipswich a Crown Court, said the incident was witnessed by another driver, James Gorniak who became aware of Care’s silver Mondeo at a roundabout on the outskirts of Woodbridge.

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He was in the outside lane when Care’s car approached him from behind at “quite a speed” and he saw Care make a rude gesture as he passed him. Care, who represented himself, apologised for his driving.

He claimed Twite had tried to undertake him and had been waving his hands at him.

He said he didn’t know what Twite’s intentions were and he had been concerned for the safety for his son, who was in the car.