Murder charge man denies lying

A SALESMAN accused of murdering Suffolk woman Dawn Walker has denied lying about receiving a voicemail message from her on his mobile phone on the night she died.

A SALESMAN accused of murdering Suffolk woman Dawn Walker has denied lying about receiving a voicemail message from her on his mobile phone on the night she died.

Kevin Nunn told a jury at Ipswich Crown Court that after he and Miss Walker agreed to end their two year relationship he had returned home to Woolpit and had gone to bed.

The next morning at about 7.30am he had checked his mobile phone and claimed he found a voicemail message from Miss Walker.

He said that in the message Miss Walker told him that she loved him and there were periods when all he could hear was the sound of her crying.

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Asked by prosecution counsel Graham Parkins QC what had happened to the message, Nunn said that it had been deleted from his phone.

“We haven't got the message, only what you say was on the phone,” said Mr Parkins, to which Nunn replied “The message was there and somehow I inadvertently deleted it.”

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Mr Parkins then asked Nunn: “Was this in reality not a message from Dawn Walker but contact deliberately engineered between your telephone and her phone to leave a trail?” to which Nunn replied “It certainly wasn't. It was a message.”

Nunn said he had sent Miss Walker a text in reply and denied this was a further attempt by him to leave a trail of messages between them that couldn't be checked.

“It was a genuine response to a genuine call,” he said.

Nunn, 45, formerly of Wright's Way, Woolpit but now living in Brandon, has denied murdering Miss Walker in February 2005.

It has been alleged that he murdered Miss Walker after she ended their two year relationship to rekindle a relationship with a former boyfriend.

After killing Miss Walker it is claimed that Nunn burned her body and then dumped it two days after she was last seen alive in Fornham Park, near Bury St Edmunds.

During his second day of giving evidence Nunn told the court that after Miss Walker had gone missing he had gone for a walk in the area where here body was later found.

He denied a suggestion from Mr Parkins that he chosen that particular walk so that he could give an innocent explanation if his footprints were found by officers investigating Miss Walker's death.

Cross-examined by Mr Parkins, Nunn accepted there were discrepancies in times he had given to police about his movements on the day Miss Walker's body was found but denied he had done this deliberately to create a period of time when he didn't have to account for his movements.

He also accepted that he had cleaned the outside of his car on the day Miss Walker's body was found but said he hadn't cleaned inside the vehicle.

Asked whether he had killed Miss Walker Nunn said he had “cherished” her during their relationship and he had not been involved in her death.

“These assertions are something I have had to live with for 18-20 months. I can't comprehend that anyone who knows me would think I could be capable of that,” he said.

Also giving evidence for the defence yesterday was Peter Thorpe who works at the Swallow golf and leisure centre in Bury St Edmunds where Nunn and Miss Walker were members.

He said that when police tested the club's CCTV system two weeks after Miss Walker's murder it was discovered that the timing on the tapes was 45 minutes fast.

Nunn's barrister Michael Wolkind has claimed that this evidence supported Nunn's account of the time he left the gym and went to Miss Walker's home in Oak Close, Fornham St Martin on the night she was last seen alive.

The jury will return to court to hear the remaining evidence in the case on Friday. It is expected the jury will retire to consider its verdict next week.

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