Murderer back in jail after armed stand-off

IPSWICH: A body-building murderer who stabbed a teenage girlfriend to death is back behind bars today after a knifepoint stand-off at another former partner’s home.

Shaun Thrower, of Pearson Road, Ipswich, was involved in a two-hour siege with police in Cemetery Road.

The 38-year-old was released on licence from Hollesley Bay open prison after serving 11 years of a life sentence for stabbing 17-year-old Amanda Wagg through the heart on March 23 1994.

Police are said to have been called to Cemetery Road by Thrower, who was on a window ledge holding a knife with a seven-inch blade, a retractable knife and a wooden block holding other kitchen knives.

It is understood he was threatening to harm himself, according to an occupant of the house.

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Trained negotiators, with armed police for back-up, spent two hours trying to talk Thrower into giving himself up during the tense stand-off.

When he eventually did so he was arrested and taken to Ipswich police station.

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The incident occurred between 10.45pm on February 25 and 12.40am last Friday.

Thrower appeared before Ipswich magistrates charged with three counts of having a bladed article and was given a six-month prison term.

However, an application was also made to revoke the licence he was on following his release from jail in March 2006.

The application was approved and Thrower’s licence was revoked. He is now back in prison serving his life sentence for Miss Wagg’s murder.

The teenager was knifed to death at the Woolworth’s store where she worked in King’s Lynn after dumping Thrower. She was about to move in with her aunt in Wiltshire to get away from him following their tempestuous three-year relationship, which was punctuated by break-ups and violence.

Thrower - who idolised bodybuilder and film star Arnold Schwarzenegger and was nicknamed Arnie - had reportedly said if he could not have Miss Wagg then no one would.

Shortly after her leaving party at Woolworth’s, Miss Wagg went to work and told a friend she was frightened of Thrower.

He called at the shop twice, begging the teenager to take him back. On one occasion he followed her up and down the store for 15 minutes while she served customers.

On his final visit, Thrower, who lived in Fairstead, King’s Lynn at the time, grabbed Miss Wagg around the neck and stabbed her in the heart with a commando knife he had just bought from another shop.

He fled, but later gave himself up to police.

Thrower was convicted of murder on March 22, 1995, at Norwich Crown Court.

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