My pet: Abbie believes the brain power of dogs is being underestimated

Abbie Hunter

Abbie Hunter - Credit: Archant

I have heard of some silly things – but a husky getting stuck in a sewer?!

My human person Matt alerted me to the story this week about Bella the dog who unfortunately got stuck. The California-based pup was spotted by a passerby with a sad expression – and with good reason, she only had her head, ears and front poking out from the storm drain. The one-year-old was eventually walked through the drain to a gate and let out thankfully.

This escapade may disprove the theory that dogs, and especially huskies, are supremely intelligent (at least in my eyes anyway). As an alsatian-cross-husky myself I wondered whether it was time I was treated to dog classes. I know that Matt could certainly do with learning a trick or two.

While he was reading me one of my favourite books, The Intelligence of Dogs, he told me that canines could be as clever a two-year-old child. This must be a wild underestimate as I know that some of my friends, including Margot the dalmatian from Milden, are so brainy they have even been to dog university. (Try to disprove this if you can!)

My feelings on the exaggerated brilliance of humans was confirmed on Thursday when I pawed open my letter box. Amber, the corgi-German shepherd from Felixstowe, wrote in about the Superman actor, Henry Cavill.

The superhero, known for his laser eyesight, brawn and flying ability, is allegedly afraid to board a commercial airliner. He had to get permission from his doctor to be accompanied on the flight by his dog Kal-El. This says it all!

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