My Pet: Abbie’s delicate hearing has been tested to the limit

Abbie Hunter

Abbie Hunter - Credit: Archant

As readers know I have a fine palate.

And this week it has been tested to the limit!

My masters thought that I needed worming tablets and tried to disguise them in my dinner. In the past Matt, my human person, hasn’t tried this, he prefers to hand them straight to me. Of course I take one look at him and run away. But his family’s method of disguise makes it more difficult for me to tell food from tablet.

Not once, but twice I spat the awful medicine out before I was finally coaxed to swallow them. It was only on condition of more walkies (watch this space to see if it happens!)

Meanwhile as you know I also have delicate hearing. This was brought to the attention of Matt’s family whenever they watched I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here... I didn’t like the sounds of the jungle or the bleeped out foul language. But recently my hearing had been untroubled until the rugby came on the TV.

The referee’s whistle is not my favourite noise. In fact it’s so bad I have to leave the room whenever I hear it.

I have again thought about leaving and living with Matt in his new Ipswich house but on second thoughts I’m probably safer where I am!

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But not all dogs are as delicate as me. Matt’s colleague Matt Bunn’s dog, Loki, is, by all accounts a bit of a scavenger.

Mr Bunn said he woke very early one weekday morning to take Loki for a walk in Landseer Park. Mr Bunn took his launcher and fired off the first ball but Loki was more interested in the bin and its contents.

As told to Matt Hunter