My Pet: Abbie’s unhappy because Wolf Hall does not contain any wolves

Abbie Hunter

Abbie Hunter - Credit: Archant

It’s TV again which is the top subject in the dog world this week.

I was sitting down with my human person, Matt, to watch the BBC2 drama Wolf Hall when it struck me – where are the wolves?

Being a husky-cross-alsatian, my genetic makeup meant it was a programme which was red-circled in my edition of the Radio Times.

I had phoned up all my friends from across the dog spectrum to make sure it got high viewing figures. Then to my horror, after watching the hour-long show, I learned that no wolves featured.

Matt told me that the historical series focused on the rise of Thomas Cromwell, who became King Henry VIII’s chief minister during the 16th Century.

He could have said so beforehand! I wasn’t exactly the most-liked pooch for making all my pedigree chums watch it.

The other stumbling block to dogs watching human TV is, well, the language. This may sound daring but there should be subtitles for dogs. All we need is a couple of woofs and the odd bark and most dogs will know exactly what you mean.

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In other news this week, I opened up my bulging letterbox to find correspondence from Amber the corgi-German shepherd from Felixstowe. She was reading the Sunday papers when she was “shocked” to see that the Pembroke Corgi is at risk of extinction.

According to the Kennel Club they are listed as vulnerable, which means there are insufficient numbers to ensure long-term survival of the breed. But she added that huskies are not on the vulnerable list, which was quite a relief.

As told to Matt Hunter